Boost Fin: A New Way to Paddle Board?

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Boost Fin: Catch Waves With Ease, Power Through the Wind, Make it Back to Shore Safely, And Have a Whole Lot of Fun On Your SUP While Doing It!

Imagine a paddleboard session where you can navigate the waters without a hint of fatigue or fighting against the wind. If you’ve been caught in a current or struggled with white water, then Boost Fin is your ticket to seamless paddling. With an astonishing 11,500 pre-orders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, this innovation is set to transform your SUP experience.

At its core, the Boost Fin isn’t just another paddleboard accessory. It revolutionizes how you enjoy your time on the water. From catching waves to battling against a gusty wind, Boost promises an exhilarating ride.

The handheld controller, designed for maximum convenience, puts control literally at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a power surge or a short boost to tackle a challenge, the Boost Fin delivers.

Three distinct modes cater to every SUP enthusiast:

  • SUP Assistance mode for up to 100 minutes of exploration.
  • Wind/Current Resistance mode for those tougher days, offering 40 minutes of robust support.
  • Trolling mode, where you can leisurely cruise for up to 70 minutes.

Venturing further and exploring more has never been this achievable.

Wondering if the Boost Fin is for you? Whether you’re an adventurer seeking new waterscapes or a SUP instructor aiming to ensure student safety, Boost Fin promises to redefine paddleboarding.

If you’d like to try one first-hand, contact Paddle Method and set up a demo today! You’ll be able to feel exactly what it’s like to paddle with a Boost Fin on your board. Try one before you buy one!

For a closer look, here’s a more detailed perspective from a paddling professional who tried it first-hand:

Notes from Tim Sanford, Paddle Method, Los Angeles, CA:

“Having taught SUP since 2010 in LA, my mission has been to equip paddlers with techniques to navigate challenging conditions. Initially, I was quite skeptical about e-fins. However, a hands-on encounter with the Boost Fin made me reconsider.

My prime concern was the drag. Fortunately, Boost Fin’s design, complete with a cowling, ensures drag minimization while preventing debris from affecting the prop. Although there’s some drag, it’s manageable.

Its capability to provide that extra boost, especially during upwind paddles, is amazing, especially for beginners. Here in LA, we often paddle against winds of 10 to 12 + knots, and while I personally enjoy the challenge, Boost Fin can be the helping hand many newcomers need.

For context, I’m a bigger but very experienced flat and open water paddler at 225lbs and SUP surf as well as teach it. I tested this in flat, calm waters with wind below 5mph on a 11’6 x32” SUP. Lighter paddlers might have a different experience.

I’d advise caution in using it for surfing. There isn’t much testing data on torsional strength and how this could impact the fin box. Also, while it may assist in catching waves, it doesn’t offer any performance once you’re riding them. This might be good to get between waves and launch in a surf zone but this is a chunk of plastic near your head if you’re timing is off (best to learn technique and timing before trying it in the surf). Additionally, in busy marinas where stopping quickly is a necessary skill paddlers should be prepared to add the extra step of cutting power and then using their paddle to stop.

Overall, I’m more impressed with it than I thought I would be but do have concerns that this can get inexperienced paddlers 30/90 minutes from shore and then not be able to paddle back. In the event of a fall you would have to stop the motor with the wrist control and a leash is a good idea so your board doesn’t motor away. As always, have a buddy, know before you go, and always work on your skills.”

Try Before You Buy

Now, here’s the exciting part! If you’re curious about what it feels like to paddle with an electronic fin beneath your feet, the team at Paddle Method offers the unique opportunity to try it before you buy it!

Schedule an appointment with us by clicking HERE or call me directly at: (310) 770-7291 and give it a try! Plus if you couple a purchase with a board – you can save big! Check out the Paddle Method Shop for more info.

Boost Fin ($429):