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SUP Lessons for Paddlers Who Want More!

Paddle Method is a learning methodology refined over years of stand up paddle board (SUP) instruction and informed by working with a wide range of abilities, ages and paddling environments. Our Method is to provide a little structure so a complex body movement is easy and fun to learn and that all abilities can get on the water and get paddling at a comfortable go at your own pace!

Lesson 2 - Wind

Suggested but not Required: Level 1

Lesson 2 Paddle

Now that you're on the water and doing some early morning cruising, it's time to build the skills so you can handle what mother nature has to offer.

Where there's water there's wind and waves and this class focuses on building your skills to assess your environment and use techniques to get you that great SUP workout and get you back to your car keys when the wind picks up.

The focus is on techniques to engage your core, get that full-body stroke, and maximize your effort efficiently so you can make the most out of this great on-water workout.

Advance turns
high gear strokes
Drills to take you to the next level.

This class is a must if you want to paddle all day any day and feel confident in variable conditions

Lesson 3 - Wave Timing

Suggested but not Required: Level 1 and 2 (Marina and Wind) or comparable is recommended

Wave Lesson – Beach launching, wave timing, and ocean intro

The Santa Monica Bay is our playground and the best way to experience it is on your SUP! For those who seek fun, sun, adventure, and serenity the ocean is the place to be. There are many places to go and explore on a paddleboard in Santa Monica Bay and around the world. We will start with our little corner of it where conditions allow for all levels to experience the ocean and advance their skills. 

Here you will take the control skills and speed techniques you learned during the Marina and Wind lessons (1 and 2) and start timing your stroke with the Ocean waves.

You will learn:

  • Launch location selection
  • Conditions reporting
  • Wave timing
  • Wave catching
  • Self-rescue

Each class will have up to 6 paddlers and include on beach instruction and water time for participants. This class is open to paddlers 14 years of age and above who have completed Paddle Method lessons 1 and 2 (Marina and Wind lessons), or the Sea Lion tour or the equivalent and have approval from a Paddle Method instructor.

Allow up to 90 minutes for this lesson.  Class may be postponed due to weather conditions at any time and immediate notifications will be sent to all participants to reschedule. Class location varies but mainly North Channel at the Venice Jetty or SM State Beaches/ SM Pier. Prior to your class directions and relevant details will be emailed or texted to you.

The more you paddle the better you get!

Call and ask about private lesson rates (310) 770-7291

Malibu Coast - Paddle Tour

Previous paddle experience is recommended. Contact us with questions to see if this paddle is right for you

Lesson 3 Paddle

This is what stand up paddle boarding is all about! You’ve taken your beginner SUP lessons in a marina, put in some hours on a sunset cruise or Paddle Method POWER PADDLE and now you are ready to get out on the ocean or bay and into some waves and see the world from a SUP point of view. You have earned it! This is what it’s all about and why we live to SUP.

Keep an eye out for dolphins, they like to come say hello if they aren’t feeling shy. Paddle through kelp forests and check out the dramatic cliffs of the Malibu coast!

You can schedule a private SUP lesson just for yourself or with a small group of friends or family members. It’s great fun to take a lesson with your kids, friends or with your significant other!

This 2 hour tour includes top quality gear for all paddlers ages 16 and up

Perfect for intermediate paddlers that want to explore!

Intro to SUP Surfing

Suggested but not Required: Ocean Lesson 1 or approval from a Paddle Method coach

SUP surfing requires time, dedication and hard work and that's what we love about it plus it is one of the most things you will ever do. You'll be hooked after your first wave! Like everything we do at Paddle Method, we start slowly build muscle memory and build confidence - but this, when the time is right, is when we say, Charge!

  • Start with etiquette and basic safety within the surf zone
  • Learn to identify wave direction
  • Sets and lulls - spot your wave
  • Launch -speed and direction
  • Take-off's with knee paddling first
  • Basic turns
  • Recovery

This 2 hour tour includes top quality gear for all paddlers ages 16 and up

Private Lesson Rates

(call for an appointment)

Our time is yours and private lessons are all about accommodating anyone from first-timers who want a personal experience or intermediate paddlers who want to build their skills; or advance coaching for those looking to prep for SUP surfing or their first SUP race!

Personal Coaching is for the SUP enthusiasts who want to build more knowledge, get a truly unique water workouts along with the chance to explore Socal’s waterways. Paddle Method’s personal coaching offers a chance to get individual attention and maximum results for your stroke. We use state- of- the- art GPS and Stroke rate monitors in conjunction with video, goal setting and an array of paddle drills.

1 hour Private lesson: $75 for the first paddler and $50 for each additional person

1.5 Private lesson: $125 for the first paddler and $55 for each additional person

2 hour Private Ocean and/or SUP surfing lessons - $250 for the first person and $95 for each additional up to 3 - call to book

*Classes include up to 7 paddlers in the marina and 4 on the ocean and run for 60+ minutes. Classes and are open to all ages, that can swim, 14 and up. All top quality equipment and instruction is included. Thank you!

**Our CORE lessons are “go at your own pace" and some paddlers complete level 1 and 2 in the same day while others opt to practice and “train” between lessons to build muscle memory and gain confidence before moving on. Consult with your instructor to see what approach is best for you. It is recommended that you complete all 3 lessons within a maximum 3 week period (or practice regularly). Those who purchase the CORE package can use their voucher code for any lesson level (1,2,3) to accommodate those who may want to repeat a class)