2 New Exciting Ways to Make Paddling a Blast!

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Hello Paddlers!

I have some exciting updates for the paddling community in Los Angeles. One has to deal with an exciting opportunity to try out a brand-new piece of tech for your paddle board.

It’s called the Boost Fin – an attachable SUP fin that includes a propeller for increase speed, paddling efficiency, and fun. More information about it can be found below.

But for anyone who is interested in checking out this fun accessory, you can head HERE to see it on the Paddle Method Shop.

Remember – you can sign up for a “try before you buy” session with me personally where you can paddle with the electronic Boost Fin to see how it feels first-hand! And we’re offering a bundle package if you buy one with a board.

To schedule a session with a Boost Fin contact me directly at (310) 770-7291 or email me HERE.

The second exciting way to make your paddling a blast is the Paddle Method Paddle Club! Our Paddle Club is for the active paddler who wants to paddle regularly and expand their horizons. Weekly paddles and online social features to help you engage with other local paddlers – find Paddle Buddies, build skills while building a paddle community – and make the most of your time on the water. Active paddlers can get up to 50% off of lessons, rentals, and tours!

Check out a review of the Paddle Club and a few important answers to questions one participant had after participating.

Ready to make your paddling a blast? Let’s get into it!

Boost Fin

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a little engine on the back of your paddle board while on the water?

I think it’s crossed most paddlers minds. Imagine being able to power through the wind, the whitewater in the ocean, make it back to shore safely in a strong current, or even explore miles of shoreline without having to worry about being too tired to make it back safely.

Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s the power of the Boost Fin.This new fin technology places a small propeller on bottom of your board to give you that extra push when you need it.

Now, here’s the exciting part! If you’re curious about what it feels like to paddle with an electronic fin beneath your feet, the team at Paddle Method offers the unique opportunity to try it before you buy it!

Schedule an appointment with us by clicking HERE or call me directly at: (310) 770-7291 and give it a try! Plus if you couple a purchase with a board – you can save big! Check out the Paddle Method Shop for more info.

Paddle Method Paddle Club Testimonial + Information

“You’re the BEST, Tim. Best paddle cheerleader everrr! Ha – thanks for the words of encouragement. I feel like such an anxious stiff on the board and just can’t wait till it becomes more natural (and less scary!). I know that requires time on the water, so I’m trying to figure out how to do that.”

The best way is to join the Paddle Method Paddle Club! The more you paddle the more comfortable you on the water and the PM club is made to get you on the water when and wherever you want to. It’s better with friends and the group pricing can’t be beat! With discounts ranging up to 50% off, it’s like we’re paying you to paddle more!

“Do you send emails out every time you have an activity scheduled?”

We have regular monthly social paddles and anytime someone in the club signs up for a tour from sunset to sunrise in the Marina or on the Ocean we can send out an alert so others can join. The PMC works best with active members who want to paddle often!

“I will definitely sign-up for more sunset paddles. I still can’t believe how last Friday went, and it just makes me super eager to get out again! I’ll continue to keep an eye out for them. As a proud PMC member – I’m trying to find time to take another class soon! Now that you’ve given me your endorsement, I’ll aim to take the next class level (yayyyyy!).

I also want to get so comfy with it that I can concentrate, instead, on counting how many times you reuse the sea lion, stingray and route jokes across all the sessions.

Hope you’re having a great week!” -C

Join the Club

Want to join the club? To find more information and join today, click HERE.

Now, let’s go paddle!