What should I wear during my lesson?

SUP is a year round activity so where whatever you would wear to go for a jog or light hike on that particular day. Plenty of SPF sunscreen, a hat, SPF clothing, sunglasses that will float or stay attached to your head are recommended but usually a bathing suit or workout attire is the right choice. For ocean paddles in the winter you may want to wear a paddle jacket or even a wetsuit. For night time winter paddles booties will keep your toes warm. Feel free to call (310) 896-8175 for any paddle related questions

Where do we depart from?

Typically most lessons and workouts, unless otherwise noted, launch from a flat, enclosed waterway, like Marina del Rey, so you can get acclimated to the sport and learn the basics or refine your skills before heading out into the bay or ocean. Some intro lessons, when conditions allow, take place from a beach launch into the ocean. Tours can launch from anywhere but Malibu, Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Venice, Newport are some of our favorites!

Will I fall in the water?

SUP is a water sport and so there is always a chance of falling in the water. That said, most people don’t fall even on their first time out and that’s because we start in a flat, enclosed waterway and use big stable boards. I always say that the odds of falling in are slim but bring a towel and a change of clothes just in case.

Is stand-up paddle boarding difficult to learn?

SUP is a huge sport! Not only is it one of the fastest growing but so many people can do so many things with a stand up paddle board, from big wave surfing to paddling a lake with your puppy dog and a cooler and everything from fishing to yoga in between. What is so great about the sport of SUP is that anyone from 5 years old to 95 years old can do it. If you can stand up you can stand up paddle in a flat, enclosed waterway. Paddle Method is all about taking you through the learning curve so you can paddle efficiently in any conditions so you can explore the world of SUP and get one of the best whole body workouts in the process!

How long is my lesson?

Most SUP rentals shops offer a standard 10 minute lesson that consists of where to stand and how to hold the paddle, etc but you’ll soon realize that when the wind and waves picks up there is more technique to know. Paddle Method lessons are 90 to 120 minutes so there is plenty of time to learn, build some muscle memory and apply your new skills while getting feedback from a pro. Try a Paddle Method workout and technique clinic to take it the next level and you’ll feel a full body workout in only 75 minutes — better than the gym!

Cancellation Information

– Weather cancellations by instructor are a 100% refund.
– Last minute cancellations by customer less than 1 week of class date will not receive a refund since we will most likely not be able fill that space.
– Customer cancellations prior to 1 week of the class date will receive 50% off re-booking fee.
– We will cancel any trips when there are safety concerns such as wind or lightening. We don’t cancel for rain.
– Rescheduling or moving to an alternative location may occur at the discretion of the trip leader.