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Welcome to the Paddle Method SUP Club!

Our Paddle Club is for the active paddler who wants to paddle regularly and expand their horizons.  Weekly paddles and online social features to help you engage with other local paddlers - find Paddle Buddies, build skills while building a paddle community - and make the most of your time on the water. Active paddlers can get up to 50% off of lessons, rentals, and tours!

No Board?  No problem.  It's cheaper and easier to be a PMC member instead of owning one board and paddling alone.  Now you can have access to every type of SUP and paddle on your own or with a group of fun-loving sup enthusiasts who want to make the most of life on the water!

Joining the club is easy.  Simply click Join the Club below, fill out the  profile, check out the club calendar, add an event, meet other paddlers and join the discussion.

A Paddle Club for Everyone!

Join the club and immerse yourself in the ultimate community of SUP enthusiasts!

Our group is passionate about stand-up paddle boarding, and we strive to bring people together for exhilarating paddling experiences. Whether you're interested in socializing while paddling, training for competition, finding therapeutic benefits, preserving the environment, or seeking a spiritual connection, we've got you covered!

Come join us today and be a part of Los Angeles's premier paddling community!  Have some additional questions?  Contact us below!

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What We Do

Get ready for a thrilling array of paddle experiences that capture the essence of LA's stunning waterways.

We offer a range of options, including social paddles on calm waters, group paddle cruises, and training for competitive paddling. Our ocean and wildlife tours, as well as SUP surf sessions in Santa Monica Bay from Malibu to Palos Verdes and beyond!

With us, you'll also have the chance to customize your own paddle activities and find buddies to join you for added fun and safety.


  • Weekly social paddles  - connect with fellow paddle board enthusiasts.
  • Advance your skills with our group paddle training sessions, which include: water workouts, skill-building drills, and race training.
  • Book rentals and have a board ready for you whenever you are ready to hit the water.
  • Enjoy frequency discounts and save more money the more frequently you paddle with us.
  • Access our impressive SUP fleet, which includes cruiser boards, race and touring boards, SUP surf, high-end cruisers, and iSUP daily/weekly rentals. Plus, each board comes with carbon fiber paddles!
  • Find and connect with paddle buddies, and explore new waterways together.
  • Create your own dream group or paddle experience and enjoy group discounts! i.e Want to paddle at 6am on Tuesdays? Find others to join and we'll support you with gear and coaching at a group rate discount.
  • Receive recognition and rewards for your skills and commitment with discounts on rentals, ocean tours, wave classes, weekly training, socials, and more!
  • Go on exciting half and full-day outings, trips, and other adventures with our experienced paddle board community.

How It Works - Paddle More, Save More!

The Paddle Method Club is for active paddlers who want to continue to learn, be social and paddle regularly. Seasonal dues are only $49 and here's what you get: The moment you join you get 10% off EVERY Paddle Method SUP lesson, rental, and group activity.

After your third paddle social or lesson with us you get you get 20% off every SUP social, and 30% off if you come week after week.  This includes ALL EQUIPMENT AND COACHING! 

PLUS you get an automatic membership with amazing deals and discounts with every PERFECT PADDLES SUP Shop AROUND THE WORLD!

Organize a group on the club portal and get up to 50% off for everyone, anytime, and place (conditions depending) you choose!  

Join the PMC, paddle more, be social, be apart of the largest sup club in the world, get expert guidance, and it's all easier and cheaper than owning and lugging your own gear!

Check out this video on how we save you money!

Need more information?   Contact us at (or 310-770-7291.) 

Not ready for a commitment yet but want to stay in the know?  Drop us a line at and we'll keep you in the loop on club activities.

Make the most of your water based life in LA!

Joining the club is easy. 

  1. Click the link below, fill out the membership form and pay the $49.00 Seasonal Dues.
  2. Fill out the profile form and start visiting the different parts of the site.  We make everything easy to find through simple menus and tiles.  
  3. Join the Group Chat, find friends and book that first group paddle with your shiny new discounts!

Sign Up Bonus!

Complete your Profile, hop on the group chat and say hello and come paddle 3 times in 60 days and earn a free Social Paddle or Cruiser Board Rental!