Body Glove Solo Paddle Board 10’4” x 33” x 5.4”




Ideal for flatwater explorers, the Solo is an easily maneuverable and fun to paddle all-around board. Double-layer stringers and side rails combined with a premium knit drop-stitch construction make it ultra-durable and increase rigidity. While wider boards tend to be slower, the Solo’s wide tail shape increases the average width of the board without increasing the board at its widest point. This feature expands the surface area on the water to add stability while improving tracking and efficiency. The Solo is always adventure-ready, with all essentials needed for a day on the water included in a convenient and portable package.

∙ 10’4” x 33” x 5.4”
∙ 320 lb capacity
∙ Wide tail shape increases surface area on the water to improve tracking and efficiency and add stability
∙ Double-layer stringers and side rails
∙ Front cargo bungee with stability harness
∙ Logo embossed EVA traction pad
∙ Patented multi-functional carry handle/water bottle holder
∙ Triple true tracking durable fin design
∙ Package includes: 3-piece adjustable paddle, high-pressure dual-action hand pump, coil ankle leash, cell phone dry bag, repair kit and storage backpack. Inflatable PVC and drop-stitch construction