Welcome, First-Timers and Beginners!

Let's get started and learn some fundamental SUP skills!

Learn about: Board control - Marina rules of the road - Up-wind paddle and training techniques - SUP safety and self-rescue, and more!

Below you will find lessons for first-timers and beginners. From one hour to two-hour class options we think we have something for every one!

SUP Basic - Get Your Feet wet!

Sea Lion

For those who are just getting comfortable with the idea of standing on the water and want to just see if they like stand up paddleboarding we offer SUP basic so that you can experience paddling in a protected lagoon and go at your own pace.

You will learn:

  • Knee paddling in the self rescue position
  • Paddling in a straight line
  • Basic stop and turn stokes


Sea Lion Lesson

Sea Lion


This is a great way to get started with SUP, or, if you've paddled before, improve your skills so you can paddle with more confidence. This 90 minutes (please allow up to 2 hours) is for all paddlers who want to learn the skills and paddle techniques to paddle through a busy marina environment confidently.

We start on the beach with an intro, learn the basics of board control in our flat water lagoon, and work up to the skills needed to paddle among the boats so you can say hello to a Sea Lion!

Great for groups, families, friends and corporate events!

This lesson includes top quality gear for all paddlers ages 14 and up.

Semi-private groups launch every Tuesday - Sunday at 9am (save $ when you book 2 or more!), or pick a time that works for you (call to confirm availability) and schedule a private for 1 or more today!

  • Tuesday - Sunday 9:00am
    *Please call for other time options. Private for 1 to 7 are available all day long!

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To schedule your private Sea Lion lesson please call first for availability (310) 896-8175.


Level 1 - Comprehensive Intro to SUP

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this activity is not available. Please check back soon!

Sea Lion

This lesson perfect for first timers or those with just a few paddle hours under their belt and want to learn all that SUP has to offer - get a great on water workout, or paddle in the ocean, catch some waves, or even enter a fun race one day . . .maybe even travel and paddle in exotic locations around the world!

The Intro to SUP is the first in the Paddle Method Core series: 1,2,3. This where every paddler who wants to get the most out of their water time should start.

Starting in the sand, learn the basics of the stroke using your paddle to make your own sand art! The rest of the hour is spent on the water perfecting all the basics of board control in a calm flat water lagoon. This is like your first driving class but on a SUP!

Paddle Method is a learning methodology that builds muscle memory stroke by stroke so you can build confidence comfortably and at your own speed. There is plenty more to learn in level 2 and 3 but you can get to those when you're ready.

Once you learn about the glide, and get the mechanics of the power paddle stroke, you'll learn to time your stroke to the energy on the water around you. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is! Your first lesson gets your feet on the board and moving onto the learning curve that is Core Lessons 2 and 3.

You will:

  • Gear up! Learn about your performance paddle equipment
  • Learn water safety and how to read conditions on the water
  • 360 degree board control: forward stroke, stopping and reverse, bracing, and basic turns.
  • Learn balance and how to create and control your momentum
  • Build your confidence and practice what you’ve learned in a flat water setting

This 1 hour semi- private group class is $50 per person (available Saturday and Sundays) and is a prerequisite for the Level 2 (more info for Level 2 HERE). Purchase both at the same time for $90 and complete on the same day for a two-hour complete introduction to SUP (15 minute break between classes).
Schedule your own private Core Lesson (1,2,3) classes any day and time - call first to check availability $75 for the first person and $55 for each additional person - or schedule level 1 and 2 back to back at $125 1st person and $55 for each additional

  • Monday - Friday (private only- call 310-770-7291 to book) Saturday & Sunday - click below to check times Book Now!

To schedule a Private Core lesson, get your voucher and call (310) 896-8175.

All paddle boarding lessons, workouts and tours are designed to focus on building the strength, skill and confidence of each paddler while allowing them to progress at their natural pace and are the ultimate expression of our motto, Strength, Serenity and Safe Passage Across Water For All!

All guided paddle board lessons and tours, unless otherwise noted, include:

  • Proper paddle technique instruction
  • Focus on water safety
  • Certified paddle board guide per every 7 students max
  • Community of paddlers excited to share a SUP experience

*FYI All stand up paddle board tours are subject to weather and ocean conditions and are scheduled, postponed or canceled based based on the forecast.