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"The Best Place to Learn Stand Up Paddleboarding"
If you're completely new to stand up paddle boarding, we have three great ways to get started!

SUP Basic Lesson

Basic SUPBook Basic Now
The SUP basic is great for kids 10 to 14 or for adults who want to try SUP and see if they like it. Limited to a protected lagoon you’ll get to discover SUP with some basic moves. Fyi paddlers must be able to swim on their own to do this lesson
Intro to SUP & Marina Maneuvers
ImageBook Intro to SUP

The Marina lesson is best for first-timers and beginners who are over 14 (if you hike or ride a bike this is for you!) and want to learn how to paddle on their own in a marina and see the sea lions, and beautiful boats.

Guided by a Professional Paddle Method coach you will learn all the moves to navigate any marina and make SUP a new way to get outside, and experience all inland waterways. Plus you’ll be ready to choose lesson 2 wind techniques, and lesson 3 wave timing

Sea Lion Lesson
Sea Lion Marina del ReySea Lion
We start on the beach with an intro, learn the basics of board control in our flat water lagoon, and work up to the skills needed to paddle among the boats so you can say hello to a Sea Lion!
SoCal Lesson Series - the 1,2,3 of SUP in SoCal $319
tim coaching

There are three things every paddler needs to know to make the most of their water time in SOCal - paddling in crowded marinas, wind, and waves. Fortunately, we have broken it down step by step so you can get on the water, have fun, and feel more confident wherever you go. 

  • Lesson 1, Marina Maneuvers, covers how to create and control momentum
  • Lesson 2 is technique for paddling in wind, boat wakes, and getting a real low impact workout
  • Lesson 3 combines your speed and maneuverability so you can time your way through the waves and explore up and down the coast.
SoCal Lesson Series Bundle



Spectacular sunsets like you’ve never seen them before! Unwind, and enjoy a night on the water with your friends, a significant other or meet someone new! Cruise under the setting sun and then under the stars and experience the water from a whole new perspective!

conditions depending*

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This is what stand up paddle boarding is all about! You’ve taken your beginner SUP lessons in a marina, put in some hours on a sunset cruise or Paddle Method POWER PADDLE and now you are ready to get out on the ocean or bay and into some waves and see the world from a SUP point of view. You have earned it! This is what it’s all about and why we live to SUP.

conditions depending*

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Want to just grab a board and go on your own adventure? Grab a rental

Must have prior experience*

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We also offer private lessons if you prefer a more personal learning experience
tim coaching

Our time is yours and private lessons are all about accommodating anyone from first-timers who want a personal experience or intermediate paddlers who want to build their skills; or advance coaching for those looking to prep for SUP surfing or their first SUP race!

Personal Coaching is for the SUP enthusiasts who want to build more knowledge, get a truly unique water workouts along with the chance to explore Socal’s waterways. Paddle Method’s personal coaching offers a chance to get individual attention and maximum results for your stroke. We use state- of- the- art GPS and Stroke rate monitors in conjunction with video, goal setting and an array of paddle drills.

1.5 hour Private lesson:

Mon-Thur: $125 for the first paddler and $50 for each additional person up to a total of 6

Fri-Sun: $150 for the first paddler and $55 for each additional person up to a total of 6

Listed pricing is for Marina Del Rey Location only, please contact us for other locations.

For more info Call
(310) 770-7291

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What People Say
Bev C.
My first paddle board lesson with Tim was easy and fun. He was very patient with and fun to spend time with. Now I’ve taken 5 lessons with Tim and I’m paddling like a Pro
Tracy R.
I was really nervous to try stand up paddle boarding because I had never done it before, and I am not very athletic, but I received a terrific lesson and the instructors were very friendly, knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and super patient. 
Mike L.
Tim is an awesome paddle board instructor. Although I have been paddle boarding for a while and I live and breathe the water, Tim’s techniques have helped me improve my paddle boarding tremendously. I am a much more efficient paddler now...

If you have any questions, not sure where to start or are looking for something a little different, contact us! We're glad to help!