Paddle Method’s Power Paddles

Power Paddle

Paddle Method’s Power Paddle classes take place in flat water and are designed to build practical SUP skills while increasing paddlers conditioning and get paddlers ready for ocean paddle excursions, SUP surfing and SUP racing.

Classes are small group, fun and led by certified, Paddle Method instructors. All classes include technique work and conditioning to improve your paddling skills!

Now you can get on the water, build your SUP skill set and get ready for your next Ocean paddle adventure or even join in a SUP race or try SUP surfing!

Goals: Increase conditioning by paddling 20 minutes at a sustained high tempo.
Description: The tempo workout is a key to increase paddle endurance. This class will focus on a 20 minute group up-tempo paddle. That means you will be paddling hard but not too hard. Once the tempo session is complete we will take an easy recovery paddle and practice some SUP skills.

Goals: Learn skills for competing in SUP races
Description: This class will focus on getting you ready to participate in a SUP race. Topics include: Refining forward stroke for racing, race starts, drafting, buoy turns, equipment.

Goals: Active recovery and practicing SUP skills.
Description: Taking a break is good but active recovery is better. This class will focus on an easy group recovery paddle. Along the way we will work on stroke technique and practice SUP skills like moving on the board and buoy turns.

Goals: Learn basic SUP stroke skills to prepare for other classes.
Description: This class will focus on basic SUP skills including: forward stroke, turning strokes and safety.


Intro 3 Pack(New students only, must be first purchase, $30 per class): $90
Single class(Board Supplied):$44
Single Class BYOB(Bring your own board): $30
5 Pack: $175 ($35 per class)
10 Pack: $205 ($29.50 per class)