New Paddling Opportunities for Summer!

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Hello Paddlers!

Since 2010, I’ve been passionate about introducing people to the world of paddleboarding. Those who learn to paddle often fall in love with it, enjoying the sport for fun, fitness, and adventure. Now, we’re adding a new dimension: Community!

Quick Reminder: Board rentals are available seven days a week – 1 hour, 2 hours, half day, or full day! Sign up for your rental today!

Plus, scroll down for your exclusive discount code for this Sunday’s paddle!!

One of the joys of paddling in Marina del Rey is the frequent encounters with familiar faces on the water. It brings a small-town feel to our big city of LA.

Many of you have expressed interest in making the most of SUP life, both here in LA and around the world, while also seeking paddle companions.

Coordinating schedules and ideal paddle conditions can be challenging, which is why I’m committed to bringing paddlers together. Group paddles are not only more fun but also more cost-effective, and having a paddle buddy improves safety.

That’s why it’s time to get social, paddlers! Here’s how…

While SUP is fun to do on your own your, why not make it more fun, push your limits, and join one of our SUP social groups or even become a charter member of the new and amazing PMC (Paddle Method paddle club)!

Stand up paddlers are without question some of the most enthusiastic people I know – we really do feel the call of the water – and bringing people together of the same skill set to practice and plan future paddle trips is a huge part of any paddle community.

That’s why I want you to check out our new SUP Social Schedule:

Sunday Morning SUP Social at 10 am: Perfect for mellow paddlers
Afternoon Social – For those who’ve passed Lesson 2 (minimum two to launch):

Save 10% OFF this Sunday with Code: Thankyou10

Friday Night Power Paddle: For SUP enthusiasts seeking a great workout (must be able to paddle 4 miles in 2 hours in afternoon wind)
Start with the Sunday Social this Sunday, the 30th, at 10 am.

Experience the scene and progress to more advanced outings at your own pace – all at the same cost as a rental!

For the dedicated paddler, consider joining the PMC. Enjoy 20-50% off all paddle activities, access upcoming events (full moon paddles, whale watching, coastal cruises), and receive discounts on rentals, lessons, and tours. Whether you own a board or want access to our diverse fleet, this club is for you.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions and provide guidance. Let’s make the most of our paddling community!

Let’s go paddle!