Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Lessons

If you want to get the most out of stand up paddling, and paddle on a regular basis,  on vacations, or get ready for an ocean paddle adventure this lesson series is for you!

SoCal is a great place to paddle - It's what we do here 🙂 - and everyone who paddles our waterways will want to know a few things, like:

  1. How to paddle with boats and rules of the road so you can see cool stuff
  2. Paddling in the wind - it happens and can make the going tough or you can make it a workout
  3. Paddle in and through the waves - boat wakes, wind waves, ocean swell, and surf

Our lessons take you step by step so everyone can learn at their own pace and paddle confidently all year long.

Start with our signature Morning Flat Water "Sea Lion" lesson when it's calm and not too crowded and learn board control and rules of the road.

Next join one of our Power Up Paddles and build your skills so you can feel comfortable when the wind picks up - this is a great conditioning class too. Once you complete Morning Sea Lion and the Power Up Paddle get access to our Speed Pass and get discounts for ongoing practice sessions and group social paddles.


SUP Basic - Lagoon lesson

Lesson 1 Paddle

Get your feet wet and stand on the water for the first time!
(best for ages 10 & up)

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101 Morning Sea Lion Lesson

Lesson 1 Paddle

This covers essential paddle skills for all Marina paddlers!
(great for beginners and first-timers 14 & up)1

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Private Lesson

Lesson 1 Paddle
Personal Coaching is for the SUP enthusiasts who want to build more knowledge, get a truly unique water workouts along with the chance to explore Socal’s waterways
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Have you paddled more than 3 or 4 times and are looking for advanced beginner and intermediate lessons to advance your skills?

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Reviews & Testimonials

This was great fun, superb teacher in a beautiful location. As well as the paddle boarding we saw sting rays, turtles and loads more. We are all hooked on paddle boarding, defiantly will take it up when returning to the UK.
Zoe Treloar
Thank you guys for an awesome lesson and getting us up paddle boarding. Friendly, easy going environment, lots of fun!!!
Skye M.
Our instructor, Matt, was great. The right mix of instruction, safety guidance, get-out-there-and-do-it, tour guide and chill. My son and I really enjoyed the experience. Beautiful marina setting as a bonus.
Gavin S.

What an adventure!!

Tim was SPECTACULAR!!! The three of us girls had zero previous experience paddle boarding and Tim was very exceptional at teaching. He was patient, and very knowledgeable.

We toured around marina del ray running into several sea lions! Would HIGHLY recommend this activity!!

Jess S.