General Pointers

Pointers for Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Newcomers

  1. Wear sunscreen! We’re in Socal and we love the sun but all paddlers need to protect themselves from the UV rays coming down and reflected up from the water. Panning on a long paddle? Wear SPF clothing – long sleeve, comfortable shirts are readily available and worth every penny.
  2. Learn how to swim! You don’t NEED to able to swim far (your board and PFD *personal flotation device will help you float but stay in shallow waters and stay close to lifeguards and trained SUP professionals. If you try SUP and love (which you will!) enroll in swimming classes. You’ll feel better, paddle farther and feel more confident while you do.
  3. Wear that PFD or leash depending on what the conditions require. If you don’t know, call us!
  4. Fancy Sunglasses look cool but either be prepared to lose them or grab a cheaper pair BUT wear some eye protection when you’re on the water. Those UV rays can cause damage to your eyes with long term exposure.
  5. Not sure what to wear? Dress as you would for a day at the beach: swimsuits, shorts and T-shirts, light workout clothing is great! Bring a towel and a change of clothes just in case.
  6. Winter paddlers can dress as above for the weather on the day of their paddle but bring some layers and something warm to change into. It’s Socal and we love to paddle year round!
  7. Hydrate BEFORE and AFTER your paddle! No alcohol before a paddle! Save it for the post paddle fun!
  8. Eat as you would prior to a workout. New paddlers are always surprised at how hungry they get being on the water. Remember you need some gas in the tank to paddle home so make sure you have energy!
  9. Bring it with you but leave it on the beach: towel, change of clothes, proper footwear, sunscreen, drinking water. Pack light and keep it simple!
  10. Water proof cameras and pouches for your cell phone are a must! It’s a water sport and you might get wet. It’s all part of the fun!