Exciting Updates for Summer Paddling in 2024!

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Hello Paddlers!

Father’s Day weekend is almost here, and what better way to honor Dad and kick off the summer than by spending time together on the water? We offer paddle boarding lessons, rentals, and tours that cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try something new or an experienced paddler seeking a fun outing, we’ve got you covered. Treat Dad to an unforgettable experience this weekend and create lasting memories on the water! Plus…

Don’t Miss the Full Moon and Summer Solstice Paddle

Also, later this month, we have a Full-moon and the Summer solstice on the same day, June 21st! This reminds me that every Summer sunset, full-moon paddle, whale paddle – basically experiencing Mother Nature at her best from a paddle board is not something everyone gets to do. While SUP is straightforward in calm water with no boat traffic, it can have some challenging moments in different paddling environments. And for many, that’s a barrier to getting started…

And why they’ll miss out on some truly magical moments.

Paddle Method is dedicated to turning people into paddlers, which means coaching people from all backgrounds to reach their goals on a SUP. That includes close-quarter paddling in busy marinas, paddling in the wind, chop, boat wakes, and paddling between waves so you can launch off a beach. Paddling requires some skill, a lot of practice, patience, flexibility, and… just plain luck for some.

If you want to make the most of living in Los Angeles and see SUP like I do, as a vehicle to experience all these magical moments while getting an amazing workout and meeting super cool people…

Then it’s time we got serious about having some SUP fun this Summer!

In addition to our learning methodology that makes going from beginner paddler to advanced paddler quicker, easier, and with the right skills to get you where you want to go…

This year, we’re making it more fun with social paddles so you can practice in groups and with the newly launched Paddle Method Paddle Club you can stay in touch with your new SUP friends, plan outings, and get discounts on paddle activities and rentals – up to 50% for the super active paddler!

Now is the BEST time to get started! How? This is the best path to take…

The Path for SUP Success

Here’s how you should approach your journey into SUP:

  • Start with Lesson 1 Marina Lesson and then jump into group practice/social sessions – stick to the morning sessions while the wind and boat traffic are light.
  • Once you can handle some fundamental skills, come out for an afternoon paddle with Lesson 2 and learn the technique so that on full moon night, you can handle the chop before the glass-off – this is later in the day because as the sun heats the land, we get a sea breeze and more boat traffic. Paddling in the afternoon can be a challenge, but now you can turn it into a great water workout.
  • If you want to SUP with a whale or catch a wave on a SUP, move to Lesson 3 and use your know-how from lesson 1 and 2 to time your way between the waves and maybe even catch one.
  • Join the PMC Today and start getting discounts on each and every paddle session so you can paddle, practice, keep up with the group, and see all there is to see from the water

Questions? Call Me (Tim!), and I can help coach you to the next step. The lessons you learn go a long way to a more fulfilling life and better health! Check out these quick success stories as proof!

Success Stories!

I just wanted to give a huge shoutout and a quick brag session about some of our stand-out paddlers…

Dedric started 6 years ago at 280 lbs and with no paddle experience but dreaming of becoming a SUP surfer. He took all the lessons he could, paddled in our advanced paddle training group on Friday nights (the Friday Night Power Paddle!), and now weighs 209 lbs and SUP surfs every weekend.

Wioletta is an accountant and baker who wanted to paddle around the island of Vis in Croatia. The trouble is that she only rented paddle boards and never took a lesson. One day, the wind picked up, and she struggled to get back to the beach—there was no way she would ever paddle around the island if a little wind got in her way…

So she took all the lessons and practice sessions she could, and eventually, we found her a local guide in Croatia. And guess what? They paddled around the island of Vis! It took three days with breaks, but she did it. Now, she owns several boards and paddles multiple times a week in the Santa Monica Bay—living her best SUP life!

These two and MANY more went from people to paddlers, and I’m super proud of them, their hard work, and their enthusiasm. They are why I love to teach SUP, and I would love to teach you too!

If you’re ready to start living your best SUP life and take advantage of everything LA has to offer, join the PM Club today and get started!

Summer Hours and Walk-Ups

We will be open for walk-ups seven days a week starting Friday, June 15th – come on down!

Ready to Buy Your First Board?

Ready to make the leap and buy your first board? Try an inflatable! It’s a great way to start while you learn and get board hours. Like any activity it takes time to know what type of board you want whether it’s a:

  • Cruiser
  • Touring
  • Race
  • Surf SUP (or maybe all of them like me!)

While learning and building skills on your iSUP, you’ll figure it out and either stay with it or move on to your next board – either way, you’ll have an iSUP in the trunk of your car for your next trip.

Check out our online store for SUP gear appropriate for the LA paddler and paddler travelers. Also, our new iSUP lineup will be available soon so keep checking back. They will be available soon for demo and purchase from $399 to $999 (basic to advanced); we have boards for all price ranges, and you can try them before you buy!

What’s the difference between the basic and advanced? What does a t-line overlap mean, and why does the more advanced board have a reinforced rail while the beginner boards do not? These questions and more will be answered so you can make the best choice for you. So, come down and see for yourself!

Message me HERE and ask questions and set up a time to come down and demo any or all of the boards.

I’m pumped for Summer paddling and hope you are too. I’m pumped for Summer paddling and hope you are too. We’ve been coaching SUP for 15 years, but it still feels new after all these years because of the enthusiasm for paddling from people (paddlers) like you.

Let’s go Paddle!


P.S. Exciting Update! Our eStore is open for business! Keep an eye on our Paddle Method store for deals on great SUP products, my personal favorites for paddlers in our area, and great options for inflatable paddle boards and accessories.

If you’re in the market for a new board, accessories, or want to know the best gear to grab for paddling in our area, check out the store! Click HERE to see what’s up there today!