Paddle Method Core Comprehensive Lessons

Paddle Method is a learning methodology refined over years of stand up paddle board (SUP) instruction and informed by working with a wide range of abilities, ages and paddling environments. Our Method is to provide a little structure so a complex body movement is easy and fun to learn and that all abilities can get on the water and get paddling at a comfortable go at your own pace!

You will:

  • Learn skills at your own pace
  • Connect with the energy on the water and learn to feel the glide!
  • Build confidence and have fun along the way.

With three lesson levels (1,2 and 3!) you can build your strength, technique and confidence at your own pace and build your stroke and water knowledge one step at a time. Take a lesson, practice your skills and come back for more!

All Lessons will cover 3 main areas;

  • Mechanics and Technique
  • Marine etiquette and safety
  • Water conditions - paddle with the available energy on the water!

Begin with Paddle Method’s Core Flat Water lessons:

Level 1 Comprehensive Intro to SUP

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this activity is not available. Please check back soon!

Lesson 1 Paddle

(This lesson perfect for first timers or those with just a few paddle hours under their belt who want to learn all there is to SUP and get a great on water workout or paddle in the ocean one day . . .maybe even in exotic locations around the world!).

The first in the Paddle Method Core series of lessons the Level 1 Comprehensive is the SUP class where every paddler who wants to get the most out of their water time should start. Starting in the sand, you learn the basics of the stroke using your paddle to make your own sand art! The rest of the hour is spent on the water perfecting all the basics of board control in a calm flat water lagoon. This is like your first driving class but on a SUP!

Paddle Method is a learning methodology that builds muscle memory stroke by stroke so you can build confidence comfortably and at your own speed - There plenty more to learn for those who want with level 2 and 3 but you can get t those when you're ready.

Once you learn about the glide and get the mechanics of a performance paddle stroke you'll learn to time your stroke to the energy on the water around you. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is! Your first lesson gets your feet on the board and moving onto the learning curve that is Core Lessons 2 and 3.

You will:

  • Gear up! Learn about your performance paddle equipment
  • Learn water safety and how to read conditions on the water
  • 360 degree board control: forward stroke, stopping and reverse, bracing, and basic turns.
  • Learn balance and how to create and control your momentum
  • Build your confidence and practice what you’ve learned in a flat water setting
  • Monday – Friday N/A Saturday & Sunday 8:30am, 12:30pm Book Now!
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Level 2 Core Engagement

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this activity is not available. Please check back soon!

Prerequisite: Level 1

Lesson 2 Paddle

Ever get caught out when the wind picks up? Or, maybe you are an avid paddler but still can’t seem to work up a sweat or get that “great core workout”, or maybe you just wish you could paddle faster and straighter - the Paddle Method Core Lessons are designed for you!

In Lesson 2 you will continue to move the power through your body down into your mid-section, hips and legs. This lesson is for you and anyone else who wants to work on strengthening their technique and build speed for stability and board control. Learn how to paddle when the wind pickups and how to get a great full body, low impact workout.

Your instruction will cover:

  • Move the power from your arms to your core
  • Rules of the road and marina etiquette
  • Fast and straight to be stable and in control.
  • Advanced turns – use your hips!
  • Alternate strokes for different conditions

Level 3 - Power Paddling

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this activity is not available. Please check back soon!

Prerequisite: Level 2

Lesson 3 Paddle

Bring it all together! Use your whole body to paddle and synchronize your stroke with the wind and wave energy on the water – this is what stand up paddling is all about and why we love it!

You will learn:

  • Pivot turns and board trimming
  • Walking on your board (great way to prepare for the Ocean!)
  • Connect your stroke the energy within the water
  • Upwind paddle techniques
  • Tempo drills
  • More self-rescue techniques

Private Lesson Rates

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this activity is not available. Please check back soon!

(call for an appointment)

Lesson 3 Paddle

1 hour Private lesson: $75 for the first paddler and $50 for each additional person

1.5 Private lesson: $125 for the first paddler and $55 for each additional person

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*Classes include up to 6 paddlers and run for 60 minutes and are open to all ages that can swim, 14 and up. All top quality equipment and instruction is included for $50 per class or $140 when you buy all three. This group lesson meets at Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey every weekend. Thank you!

**Our lessons are “go at your own pace “some paddlers complete level 1 and 2 in the same day while others opt to practice or rent and “train” between lessons to build muscle memory and gain confidence before moving on. Consult with your instructor to see what approach is best for you. It is recommended that you complete all 3 lessons within a maximum 3 week period (or practice regularly) to build and skills to advance. Those who purchase the Core package can use their voucher code for any lesson level (for those who may want to repeat a class)